Brow Lift Surgery in Turkey

Eyebrow lift, also known as brow lift, or forehead lift, is a cosmetic surgery that lifts the skin above your eyebrows to help reduce frown lines, wrinkle lines, and lose skin.

This procedure tightens the upper part of the face and is typically performed to correct saggy brows, drooping eyelids, and generally give your skin a smoother, younger looking appearance.

Brow Lift Procedure

The most common techniques used for a brow lift is the classic forehead lift (open brow lift) and endoscopic brow lift. The difference between the surgeries is the incisions are smaller for the endoscopic brow lift.

The classic brow lift procedure starts by making an incision along the hairline to shorten the muscles in the brow, and lift the forehead to reposition the brows. Any surgical scars are hidden within the hairline. The surgery takes less than two hours, and is usually done under general anaesthesia.

Endoscopic brow lift, also referred to as keyhole surgery, is a less invasive procedure, which usually requires two small incisions either side of the hairline, resulting in less scarring.

Essential Information for Brow Lift Surgery

Duration: 1-2 hours
Hospital Stay: Overnight
Full Recovery: 4-6 months
Results: Immediate 

How to prepare for Eyebrow Lift Surgery?

Before eyebrow lift surgery it is important to discuss your medical history with the surgeon, as well as any prescribed medication, and use of substances, such as alcohol and smoking.

Before the operation the surgeon will examine the forehead area and take photographs as part of a consultation to decide the best treatment options for you. They may also request further medical examinations, trimming of the hair, and adjustments to any prescribed medications your taking.  

Eyebrow Lift Costs in Turkey

The average eyebrow lift cost in Turkey is £2,000, which usually includes transportation, hotel accommodation, consultations, and medical fees. This is almost £4,000 less than getting the same operation done in the UK.

With competitive pricing, skilled surgeons, and comprehensive packages, Turkey makes an excellent choice for eyebrow surgery. Thousands of people visit the country every year for medical tourism making Turkey one of the most popular destinations in the world for cosmetic surgeries.

Before choosing your surgeon and clinic in Turkey it is important to check the hospital is registered with the Turkish Ministry of Health, and the surgeon holds an ISAPs certificate. 

Brow Lift
VIP Transfer, 5 Star Hotel, Medical Fees

Good candidate for brow lift Surgery

A good candidate for eyebrow lift can be anyone who is not satisfied with the shape of their brows, show signs of drooping brows, heavy upper eyelids, and are non-smokers in good health.  The majority of candidates for brow lifts are between 40-60, and are looking to rejuvenate their skin for a younger more youthful looking appearance.

Eyebrow Lift Recovery

Brow lift recovery can take between 10-14 days before you can return back to normal activities, and a full recovery can take several months.

Swelling and bruising may last 4-5 days after your surgery, but will become less visible after each day of the surgery. It is advised to keep your head elevated for the few days after surgery, and avoid alcohol and smoking for the first 2-3 weeks post procedure.

After 2-3 days you will be able to remove the bandages, and after 6-7 of  surgery your stitches or staples will be removed. The doctor will give you a set of post-operative instructions for your aftercare, including medications and follow ups to check in on the healing process.

The brow lift results are noticeable immediately, but full full results will show after the swelling has gone down.

Eyebrow Lift Risks

Like any other surgery, brow lifts can have complications, but choosing a certified plastic surgeon will reduce the risks. Some these risks include:


Uneven brows (one eyebrow appearing to high)

Temporary numbness of the brow

Allergic reaction 

Blood Clots


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    If you have questions about brow lift in Turkey, contact our team of specialists who can discuss your questions with you directly. Here are some of the most common questions we hear from people who are exploring brow lift surgery.

    A brow lift can be combined with various other treatments, such as lip augmentation, neck lift, nose correction and a full facelift.

    On average the results last 10-12 years, but some patients may have longer lasting results with a good skin care routine.

    Most patients decide to get a brow lift between 40-60 years old; however, patients in their 20s and 30s receive brow lift surgery if they have brow drooping, or have had serious surgery. 

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