Brow Lift Turkey

Brow lift, also known as eyebrow lift, or forehead lift, is a cosmetic surgery that lifts the skin above your eyebrows to help reduce frown lines, wrinkle lines, and lose skin.

Eyebrow lifts can reduce forehead lines, saggy brows, drooping eyelids, and give your skin a smoother, younger looking appearance. Our experienced plastic surgeons can help you achieve a more balanced facial structure, with tighter, firmer looking skin that can last up to 10 years. 

Brow Lift Procedure Overview

The elevation and enhancement of the brow through a Brow Lift is a procedure associated with minimal risk, often conducted under local anaesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia. Initial recuperation typically spans 1-2 weeks. Please refer to the summary provided below for further details

Procedure:Brow Lift
Purpose:To elevate and improve the appearance of the brow area
Operation Time:1-2 hours
Type of Anaesthetic:Local anaesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia
Side Effects:Swelling, bruising, temporary numbness, mild discomfort around the brow and forehead
Risks:Potential risks include infection, bleeding, nerve damage, asymmetry, and unsatisfactory results
Recovery Time:Initial recovery within 10-14 days, full recovery may take several weeks to months
Aftercare:Following post-operative instructions, avoiding strenuous activities, attending follow-up appointments for assessment the eyebrow area
Results:Elevated and rejuvenated brow appearance, reduced forehead wrinkles, and a more youthful facial expression

Brow Lift Packages in Turkey 

Our brow lift packages in Turkey start from £2,000, and include transportation, hotel accommodation, consultations, and surgery. Our medical team will help take care of all your travel arrangements with VIP transfers, translators, and ensure your trip is hassle free.

Package DetailsIncluded/Cost (GBP)
Luxury Accommodation: Stay at one of our centrally located 4-star hotel, ensuring a short and convenient journey to our clinic.
Additonal nights: Should you wish to extend your stay beyond the package duration, additional nights at our 4-star hotel are available, offering the same level of comfort and convenience.From £80
VIP Transfers – Airport to Hotel: Travel in style from the airport to your hotel in our spacious luxury 6-seater vehicles, designed for your comfort and convenience.
VIP Transfers – Hotel to Clinic: Seamless luxury transport from your hotel to our clinic, ensuring a stress-free journey for every appointment in our luxury 6-seater.
Comprehensive Aftercare & Follow-Ups: Benefit from our follow-up appointments to ensure your wellbeing and satisfaction with the treatment outcomes.
Translator Service (On Request): Upon request, a skilled translator from our team, fluent in over 26 languages, will be available to assist you throughout your visit.

Brow Lift Cost in Turkey VS United Kingdom

Eyebrow lifts in the UK typically cost between £3,000 and £6,000, nearly three times the price of forehead lift surgery in Turkey. With competitive pricing, skilled surgeons, and comprehensive packages available in Istanbul, Antalya, and Bodrum, Turkey has emerged as the go-to destination for travellers seeking surgical procedures

We have compared Brow Lift across four major countries below:

Brow LiftGBP (£)
United Kingdom£3,000+
United States£3,850+

Brow Lift Journey in Turkey

Embark on your brow lift journey in Turkey with a seamless itinerary tailored to ensure a comfortable and efficient experience.

Day 1: Arrival

  • Welcome to Istanbul International Airport (IST)
  • Your designated transportation will be waiting to escort you to your hotel for check-in

Day 2: Hospital Admission

  • Your chosen cosmetic surgery clinic will be in touch to arrange transportation to the clinic
  • Our expert surgical team will prepare you for your eyebrow lift procedure
  • Thorough health assessments and necessary tests will be conducted
  • Brow lift surgery performed by our skilled surgeons
  • Spend the night at the hospital for initial recovery and monitoring

Day 3: Discharge and Recovery

  • Meet with your surgeon for a post-operative check-up to ensure a smooth recovery
  • Bid farewell to the hospital as you’re discharged and transferred back to your hotel for rest

Day 4: Follow-up and Aftercare

  • Attend your follow-up appointment at the clinic for a progress check and to discuss any concerns.
  • Receive personalised aftercare instructions and guidance on maintaining your results
  • Your transportation will take you from your hotel to Istanbul International Airport (IST)

Brow Lift Procedure

The eyebrow lift procedure starts by making an incision along the hairline to shorten the muscles in the brow, and lift the forehead to reposition the brows. Any surgical scars are hidden within the hairline. The surgery takes less than two hours, and is usually done under general anaesthesia.

Our surgeons will discuss the different types of brow lift surgeries during your initial consultation, but the most common techniques used are the classic forehead lift (open brow lift) endoscopic forehead lift, and the temporal lift.

Brow Lift
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Top Clinics for Brow Lift in Turkey

Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı recovery room

Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı

Istanbul, Turkey
Our partner clinic, led by the renowned surgeon Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı with a distinguished track record in rhinoplasty and breast surgeries. Our clinic stands at the forefront of offering specialised aesthetic solutions, underpinned by our leading surgeon’s extensive international training and
From £1,790
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Doku Medical

Istanbul, Turkey
Doku Medical, one of our esteemed partner clinic, a leader in medical aesthetics and plastic surgery located in Istanbul’s vibrant Şişli district. Spanning 5,000 m², it stands as a beacon of transformative healthcare and aesthetic services, supported by a robust team of
From £1,790
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Brow Lift Recovery

Brow lift recovery can take between 10-14 days before you can return back to normal activities, and a full recovery can take several months. We advise patients to keep their head elevated for the few days after surgery, and avoid alcohol and smoking for the first 2-3 weeks post procedure. 

Swelling and bruising may last 4-5 days after your surgery, but will become less visible after each day of the surgery. After 2-3 days you will be able to remove the bandages, and after 6-7 days of surgery your stitches or staples will be removed.

After your surgery you will be taken to our recovery room until you wake up from the anaesthetic, allowing you to rest for 1-2 hours before one of our case managers assists you back to the hotel. When arriving home, our medical team will continue to check in with you as part of our excellent aftercare programme.

Brow Lift Before and Afters

Our brow lift before and after photos show what’s possible from our team of expert surgeons and how they can help you transform your appearance, and increase your self confidence with smoother, fresher looking skin. 

We’ve helped hundreds of patients achieve a more youthful look from eyebrow lift surgery, and have a proven track record in facial surgery in Turkey. With our skilled plastic surgeons, state of the art facilities, and a wide selection of trusted reviews, we have become one of the most trusted clinics in medical tourism.

Our Brow Lift Surgeons

Initially, we will book in a consultation with your chosen surgeon, so they can discuss the procedure, aftercare, and the best options for your eyebrow lift surgery. All of our surgeons have a fantastic portfolio of happy patients, and a wealth of experience and qualifications for carrying out our plastic surgery in Turkey.

From experienced translators, through to medically savvy case managers, our clinics and  staff are fully equipped and trained to assist with a range of facial cosmetic surgeries, and help support you during and after your surgery. 

Dr. Ergin Er
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Y. İlker Manavbaşı
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Aylin Turan
Plastic Surgeon

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    If you have questions about brow lift in Turkey, contact our team of specialists who can discuss your questions with you directly. Here are some of the most common questions we hear from people who are exploring brow lift surgery.

    A brow lift can be combined with various other treatments, such as lip augmentation, neck lift, nose correction and a full facelift.

    On average the results last 10-12 years, but some patients may have longer lasting results with a good skin care routine.

    Most patients decide to get a brow lift between 40-60 years old; however, patients in their 20s and 30s receive brow lift surgery if they have brow drooping, or have had serious surgery. 

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