What is Tooth Extraction

Sometimes it is necessary to have a tooth extraction simply to save you from further pain and stress. Normally, it is not classified as a complicated process because many dentists and physicians can conduct the treatment or procedure in the comfort of their clinics.

They can also check first the situation of the tooth that needs to be extracted to identify the procedure or surgery that will suit the treatment plan of the patient. The positioning of the tooth is one of the main concerns that will affect the treatment plan. If the tooth is impacted, there is a high chance that it will require a more complicated process and stronger anesthesia.

Not all doctors and physicians can conduct the tooth extraction procedure. There are those individuals who took dentistry during their university days and took the licensure examinations to be able to have a permit in being a dentist.

Tooth extraction is done when there is a need to remove the tooth from the gums. However, before the procedure, the oral surgeon or dentist will inject anesthesia near the area wherein the extraction will be done. It is important to do this procedure especially if the extraction is complicated and the patient has a low pain tolerance. This is one of the main concerns of people who are scared about the surgical procedure of removing their tooth or other dental matters that will require extra treatment and aftercare.

There are situations when the anesthesia that was used by the dentist is very strong which can cause the patient to fall asleep while the procedure is being done. This will help the patient have a painless surgery and not be bothered by the procedure that will make him or her lose a portion of blood in the body.

There are difficult situations wherein the tooth is not in its normal form or considered impacted. The surgery will start to make an opening around the tooth that will be removed by using the instruments in the clinic such as the forceps to loosen the roots of the root in the gums.

Dentists and Oral Surgeons

On the other hand, some people want to broaden their knowledge and expertise in the field of dentistry which is why they took up additional courses and training to become oral surgeons. In Turkey, there are already tons of dental clinics that offer high-quality services for people all over the world. They have licensed dentists and oral surgeons that can help you with your oral and tooth problems while paying a reasonable price for their services.

Compared to those clinics found in the United States and Europe, you may have noticed the huge price difference of clinics in Turkey. A lot of dentists are now considering the price of the services that they offer to help the people that need to avail themselves and at the same time others who do not afford any treatment that is more than thousands of dollars.

You may have wondered where oral surgeons conduct dental procedures such as tooth extraction. Some individuals are clueless about the various treatment that they can get with regard to their oral hygiene needs. Surgical procedures such as tooth extraction procedures are commonly done or conducted in a general dental clinic. These types of offices are equipped with the materials that the dentist needs and at the same time provides 

If you need oral surgery, you can just book an appointment and get a schedule from your dentist. This is considered a hassle-free process which is far from the traditional way of booking an appointment with the dentist. They are considered licensed professionals who have sufficient training and experience to conduct tooth extractions for their patients.

Recovery Time After the Surgery

Some patients can go back to the normal course of their work after a few days. However, it is important to remind the patients to be extra careful and prevent any other problems that may arise after the tooth extraction. For example, carrying heavy items will eventually result in bleeding and the wound may have a harder time healing due to too much pressure.

Some dentists make stitches around the wound or area of the extraction to provide extra help in closing the area and preventing any heavy bleeding. For example, when the patient has a heart problem or suffering from diabetes, there will be a time when the dentist will require a clearance from their doctors to have the surgery.

In line with this, there are some situations wherein the anesthesia may cause an issue with the heart of the patient and blood pressure. For people who are suffering from diabetes, it is hard for them to get into surgeries because they have problems with wound healing. Some people who have high blood sugar levels will need extra time to look after themselves because of the complications that are included in having diabetes.

But for normal people, the recovery time for people who had tooth extraction will be around 5 to 14 days depending on the degree of the procedure and how complicated it was for the oral surgeon to remove the tooth. If it is very difficult and complicated, some dentists opt for cutting down piece by piece the tooth that needs to be removed.

Through this, it will be easier for the patients to finally free themselves from the pain brought by the procedure if it will require the pulling out of the entire tooth while there is minimal surgery anesthesia to help the patients feel numb during the process. It will cost more money for individuals who will get the treatment in the United States and other countries because the rate of tooth surgeries is almost double the price in Turkey.

When you had this type of surgery, it is important to understand that after-care is always vital in the recovery process of the patient. Even if it is considered minor surgery, it is important to help those around you to heal faster and go back to your normal routine. For some people who do not comply with the doctor’s advice, it is expected that they will have to deal with more time to recover and be stressed out in the possible complications that may arise along the way.

Thus, do not be naive when it comes to the doctor’s advice. Always remember that they know what they are doing and they just want to help their clients heal faster. There are also some circumstances wherein they asked their patients to drink some medicines to help the wound heal faster and prevent any infection to build up. Getting a prescription is important especially if you are buying medicines that are restricted in the market and cannot be bought over-the-counter.

How to Prevent Having a Damaged Tooth

Do you love eating sweets and flavorful drinks? Or prefer having snacks that are hard to chew? Maybe it is time to reconsider your food choices to prevent any tooth decay and problems with your oral health. Some people are not exercising proper hygiene such as brushing their teeth, flossing after meals, using a mouthwash, and having regular visits with the doctors to have their teeth cleaned.

When you invest in your oral health, your entire body and quality of life will also be improved. A smile is one of the most important and attractive parts of a human’s face. Some people want to have their teeth bleached to make them look whiter and cleaner. If you want to drink coffee, tea, alcohol, and other colored drinks, you may already experience discoloration in your teeth.

You may already minimize your intake of these types of beverages and food to have a permanent stain that will lead to further discoloration in your teeth. Also, when you learn to have good oral hygiene, those people around you will be delighted to talk to you and be around you. Sometimes having poor hygiene will eventually lead to bad breath and a stinky mouth. Do not wait until someone will tell you to brush your teeth because your breath is already disturbing.

Moreover, buying good and soft bristles toothbrushes will prevent the gums from bleeding. It is also the most recommended type of toothbrush because it is delicate to the gums and helps remove the stain and debris around the tooth. Also, some kinds of toothpaste have different flavors and colors depending on the needs of your mouth.

You are not a kid anymore that is why it is important to remind yourself that having a damaged tooth will cause you more stress, money, and problems if not treated. Unlike kids who have a lost tooth or they need to have a tooth extraction because of the damaged areas, adults will no longer have the chance to grow another tooth. There is a certain age when a person reached this limit, the set of teeth that he or she has will be the same until the day that they will start losing all of those permanently.

Promoting Good Oral Hygiene

Some people prefer having charcoal-flavored toothpaste because it fights bacteria’s from building up and at the same time prevent bad breath. If your work is in hospitality management, marketing, advertising, and being around various types of people, it is important to always have a breath freshener because of the nature of your work. It is embarrassing for some people who have problems with their oral hygiene whenever they are around others.

Buying the necessary items and products to help you in maintaining good oral health is considered an investment because you can smile whenever you want and talk to other people if you have good oral health. You will also not feel embarrassed whenever you are talking to others because you are using mouthwash and brushing your teeth 3 times a day or every meal. It will also save you from having your tooth extracted due to cavities and bacteria build-up.

Hence, do not hesitate to call your trusted dentist or oral surgeon whenever you are experiencing issues and problems with your teeth and gums. It is always helpful to look after yourself and your wellness journey to have a better life ahead of you. Having this type of practice will eventually prevent any problems and health issues that may ruin your life.

Applicability of a Tooth Extraction Procedure in Turkey

Are you having tooth problems that hinder you to do the activities that you want? Or do you experience pain whenever you are chewing or eating? Maybe it is now the right time to consult a dentist and have an x-ray of your mouth and teeth to determine which one requires restoration or extraction.

It is a common misconception for a lot of people that when they are having problems with their teeth, they tend to disregard the need for consultation and pay a visit to their trusted dentist. Some individuals will just wait for the tooth to fall off because they think that it is just the same as when they were little kids. The cases of every individual may vary from one another because it is difficult if the oral surgeon or dentist will just use a common procedure for everyone.

This is not the case for adult individuals who already have issues with their teeth. Sometimes there is already an accumulation of bacteria and cavities that will eventually cause tooth decay and painful tooth. This is preventable because a tooth can still be saved through restoration and regular appointments with the dentist.

Proper hygiene is the number one preventive measure that you can do to prevent severe teeth problems and at the same time promote good oral health. This can do done through proper brushing of the teeth, using floss regularly, gurgling mouthwash, and many more. You must also be proactive in promoting proper hygiene in your family to prevent any unfortunate circumstances in your household that will require you to go to the dentist and avail the services of the clinic.

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