Ultherapy – A Non-Invasive Treatment That’s Cheaper Than Most

Many healthy and active people tend to try and change their external bodies with the help of diet and exercise. However, no matter how much work you do on the major areas of your body, some parts can be slightly more difficult to change or improve. This is where an in-office surgical procedure can help.

One of these common areas is around your neck and jawline. There may be some tools or beauty and cosmetic products that are advertised on the beauty market to help tighten your face or bring more definition to your face and neck, however, the effects are not permanent and the results do not last long enough.

The submental region or area, i.e. the jawline and neck areas are some of the most pronounced indicators of aging in any man or woman. It is inevitable to halt the aging process however you can opt for some permanent and more obvious solutions such as cosmetic surgery. One of the most popular and common ones that millions of people get done is known as – Ultherapy.

So, what is it, and how can it help? These and more questions will be answered for you below.

What is Ultherapy?

The underneath of our chin areas tends to hold some fat over the years and is susceptible to sagging as we lose weight. If you are an individual who has always been into your fitness and are into high-intensity activities, your chin fat pocket may not be as pronounced as those who do not do much exercise or eat a healthy, and fat-free diet. 

However, this is something that most people will, by default have. It does not naturally go away by diet or excessive exercise. This is where Ultherapy comes in, as it is one of the best ways to either lift, slim, or tighten the submental region and is one of the more noninvasive types of surgeries that are done by the doctor.

The technology it is based on, is very similar to that of radiology, when used with ultrasound imaging during pregnancies, for example. It can help to firm areas such as your décolleté, chin, neck, and even brows. 

With the use of sound waves, the machines used in the procedure go straight through the skin and penetrate the neck or facial muscles, or any of the areas being treated. The machines come in three capacities, from superficial to medium or deep penetration depending on how much work needs to be done. 

Once the waves are passed through to the muscles, it causes them to shrink or contract and as a result causes the area to tighten out i.e. resulting in a contouring effect, and smoothening out all wrinkles and thus, firming up your neck or jawline. As one of the simpler procedures being done throughout the world, Ultherapy does not necessitate any incisions, cutting of the skin, or injecting any solutions into the body. 

Once the process is complete you can walk right out and go back to work, however, it is best to take a day of relaxation after. There is no doubt that a strong jawline is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than a flabby one.  

So what can you expect from an Ultherapy procedure? We take a look at the basics. 

What to Expect in An Ultherapy Procedure

In terms of the time it takes, as mentioned above, it is a quick procedure and on average can take only up to 45 minutes to complete. At most, it can take up to 1 hour, and there is no downtime needed after. 

Steps and Information Related to The Ultherapy Procedure:

Step 1: The procedure itself is done by first applying an ultrasound gel to the treatment areas.

Step 2: This gel is applied in three layers, i.e. at different depths. The first one is at 2 millimeters, the second one at three millimeters, and the last one at half a millimeters. The depth determines how deep into the muscle the treatment will go. The deeper the surgeon goes into the muscles, the more contraction or tightening you will get.  

The treatment is done in a particular way or a particular pattern and to understand this you would imagine a face with lines going down from the top to the bottom parallel and as such, this is the movement that is followed. Both the cleavage and brow areas are also popular recommendations for those looking to tighten and firm up their skin or muscles.

As one of the fewer procedures that use non-surgical ultrasound technology, it is used to help stimulate, or kick in collagen production, which results in skin tightening. The focused and pulsating heat energy helps to lift facial and neck muscles with ease and it helps to improve lines and facial wrinkles, with long-lasting results.

How Soon Can You See Results of An Ultherapy Procedure?

Some patients will see results almost immediately, while others may take slightly longer, such as a couple of hours to a day. Those who have sagging jowls or skin can benefit tremendously from this treatment as this therapy tends to trigger the formation of collagen in our bodies when the thermal impact is placed on it.

As we may have already heard, collagen is a highly-beneficial protein that is naturally found in our bodies, in the bones, tendons, skin, and muscles. It is what’s responsible for providing the strength and structure of the body. It plays a vital role in holding all your cells together. Of course, it is the main culprit when it comes to giving our skin its elasticity. When this diminishes over time and age, there may be a need to stimulate its production once again and this form of therapy is one of the better options for this.

Collagen can easily rebuild itself, and continue to grow abundantly for up to three months after the procedure is completed. It is possible that the treatment may be needed again after a couple of years, but once the three months of the collagen growth stage are completed, then a more visible result is achieved and shown on the patient.


The Average Cost of Getting Ultherapy

According to the Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics, depending on the country you live in and with which medical or healthcare provider you get the treatment done, the average cost of getting Ultherapy and any other related or similar procedures should cost around USD 1900 – USD 2000 or slightly more in 2022. 

This in comparison to a facelift, which can get up to USD 7000-8000, is a much more reasonable solution. However, this is not one of the procedures that will be covered by most health insurance, so it is recommended to check beforehand.

Is There Any Preparation Needed for Ultherapy?

The good news is, that there is little to no preparation needed from the patient. You can continue your routine of eating, drinking, working, and exercising up until the day of your procedure as well as after. 

The only thing you do need to do is make sure you have no makeup or facial products on your face or neck when you walk into the clinic, especially in the areas to be treated. There is a possibility that the doctor prescribed some painkillers or anti-inflammatories before they begin the procedure. It is recommended that if these medications impair your ability to drive or operate in any way, maintain a day’s rest afterward and have someone with you at all times.

The only discomfort you may feel during or after the treatment is a sensation of heat, or a tingling feeling, which will subside not long after the process is completed. 

This is an FDA-approved procedure and must be dealt with at a high-quality reputable clinic by skilled medical professionals. When you are looking for a place to book into, start with your local area, check out their website, and if they are affiliated with a medical board or association. Also, make sure you look at their before and after images on their websites and Google to see what difference it has made to their patients. 

If in doubt, speak to the doctor face to face either via phone call or book an initial consultation to discuss the possibilities.

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