5 of The Best Countries for Plastic Surgery Procedures

When choosing which country to go to on holiday, it is much easier than choosing which country to go to for plastic surgery. In most cases, those who don’t know will do a quick online search or ask their general practitioner or a friend if they can suggest anything.

According to some research done on valuable online resources, such as the International Medical Travel Journal and various government organizations, there are a few countries which are deemed some of the best selections for getting plastic done abroad. We look at these below.

Best Countries for Plastic Surgery Procedures

To ensure that you’ll receive the best care when getting plastic surgery overseas, always do some thorough research and go with those that have been ranked as the best amongst others. You should be looking at everything from the medical facilities, to the medical professionals, costs and services that they offer.


One of the few countries to receive an award for the ‘IMTJ Medical Travel Award for Destination of the Year in 2016’, it hosts almost half a million patients every year from different countries mainly because its cosmetic surgery procedures are well-known and reputable, and their costs are reasonable as is their modern facilities and infrastructure. What’s more, is that their medical professionals speak good English.


Another country where many people frequent to get some form of surgery is Brazil. Their cosmetic procedures are well-renowned and Rio de Janeiro is one of the top places for its plastic surgery facilities and professionals. As one of the ‘world capitals of plastic surgery’ they run their centers on high standards and protocols ensuring the safety of their patients. 

Not only do they have highly-specialized and trained doctors, but they also have some of the most modern facilities available to men. The costs may not be as low as in countries such as Malaysia but they are still in the more affordable range.


When comparing the costs of plastic surgery throughout the world, one of the best places to win hands down is Turkey. Popular for its medical tourism, Turkey has helped many people, including celebrities and Hollywood stars achieve what most other places could not. Everything from facial surgeries to body surgeries and more is offered in the country.

According to statistics, hospitals in Turkey cost 90% less than what most other Western countries charge for their plastic surgery. Both trained and certified experts perform these surgeries and the centers are overseen by their medical association. 

What this means is – their clinics, surgeries and hospitals are frequently overseen by those from the medical associations to ensure everything is done as professional protocols demand. Both the Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (TSAPS) and the International Medical Association are just two of their associations. Also, if you are looking to find out more about your surgeon, their websites offer more information for patients. In the European regions, Turkey ranks second for its medical tourism. What you get is high-quality, and affordable patient care and surgical procedures. 

The doctors use minimally invasive procedures and provide numbing agents or anesthetics to help ease any pain and discomfort. Their after-care facilities are also top-class and they administer any medication needed, in most cases, only painkillers may be required. They also have quaint accommodation facilities for patients, post-treatment for relaxation and rehabilitation before they fly back home. 

Almost most popular forms of surgical procedures are offered from breast surgery, Brazilian butt lifts, abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty and also liposuction to name a few.


Every year, more and more people visit Thailand. The majority of them are tourists, however, others also visit the country for plastic surgery procedures, too. They offer numerous high-quality procedures, but you should do your homework properly before making a booking and flying down. 

Their rates, as expected, are more affordable compared to European or western countries. Bangkok is the most popular city for this type of visit.

So, what are the benefits of visiting a country abroad for plastic surgery? Below are a few reasons.

South Korea 

Even though the price of surgery in South Korea may be lower than in the United States, for example, it is not typically significantly low, but when compared to other countries it is on par with its prices. Here patients have a choice of choosing different procedures and surgeons, based on their budget.

South Korea is known as a disciplined and highly-professional place and it’s worth ethic is compared to none other. They have qualified surgeons and many types of cosmetic surgery procedures to choose from. They also have ongoing training, conferences, and industry events that they attend every year to keep up to date with newer technologies and innovative ideas.

A good example is their robotics technology, which has helped their medical sector tremendously over the past two years. These are also used during cosmetic procedures successfully. Anything from 3D modeling to stem cell research is practiced in their hospitals, clinics and surgeries. The use of robots is also one way of keeping things precise, safe and sterile.

A Few Known Benefits of Medical Tourism

A few reasons include:

  • High-quality medical procedures at the most affordable prices
  • Most health insurances don’t cover this type of treatment so having the option of a reasonably priced place is helpful
  • Private recovery options are usually part of the packages. Many patients prefer this to having a surgery done in their own country, as it’s a discretionary procedure that your family and friends won’t ask you about.
  • In some overseas countries, you will find more options for cosmetic surgery than you would in your own home country.
  • The good ones are accredited by international organizations in the USA and UK so you can be sure to get the best treatment and outcomes. 

If you haven’t guessed it already, always make sure you check the facilities beforehand and speak to the professionals at hand to make certain where you want to go to get your first plastic surgery procedure done.

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