Dental Implant in Turkey

Simply Aesthetic specialise in helping people visit Turkey for dental or cosmetic procedures. We have relationships with a number of handpicked clinics with an emphasis on clinical excellence, quality of service and aftercare. Each facility we work with is regulated by associations such as the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry.

If you’re considering Turkey for your dental implants, please get in touch with any questions. Our dental packages combine affordability and excellent results and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Procedure:Dental Implant Surgery
Purpose:To replace missing or damaged teeth with artificial tooth roots and prosthetic teeth
Operation Time:1-3 hours per implant
Type of Anaesthetic:Local with or without sedation
Side Effects:Swelling, bruising, pain, and temporary limitations on speaking, eating, and drinking
Risks:Low risk of complications, such as infection, bleeding, nerve damage, and implant failure
Recovery Time:1-2 weeks for initial recovery, up to several months for complete recovery and integration of the implants with the jawbone
Scarring:No scarring
Aftercare:Following post-operative instructions for care and hygiene, avoiding hard and sticky foods, and attending follow-up appointments for evaluation and adjustment
Results:Natural-looking and functional teeth that improve the patient’s ability to speak, chew, and smile with confidence

What is a Dental Implant

Dental implants are a cutting edge way to replace missing teeth. Implants are usually done using a titanium screw that is fixed into your jawbone so that it can anchor the prosthetic tooth.

As a result, the dental implant takes the place of an artificial tooth root as it attaches itself in place for a dental crown to be added. In the event that there is more than one tooth missing, and all are in the same row, then the recommendation is to get a bridge implant surgery instead. The result of both these types of procedures is completely natural looking teeth with great strength, uniformity and whiteness.


Preparing for your Dental Implant

In preparation for your dental implant surgery, the following is advised:

Eating Before Your Procedure – If you are having the anesthetic, then it is recommended to have a light meal a couple of hours before the procedure, however, anything stronger such as the IV sedation would entail you to avoid eating anything after midnight the day before the surgery. This is key in ensuring your stomach is empty.

Medication – The dentist may prescribe antibiotics a few days before the procedure, as a normal process, to mitigate early implant failures. You could also rinse with a specific recommended antibacterial mouthwash.

Pre-Op Lifestyle Changes – Anything you do, such as smoking cigarettes, cigars, or vapes, may lower the chances of a quicker healing process, so it is imperative to refrain from these types of activities or speak to your dentist about whether you should get dental implants or if there is an alternative solution.

Advantages of Dental Implants in Turkey

Besides the above-mentioned reasons as to why you should be going to Turkey to get your dental work completed, there are numerous benefits to modern dental implants:

  1. Permanent and Improved Appearance: Dental implants look as good, if not better than original teeth and are made of incredibly strong, durable material. You’ll be delighted with the results.
  2. Speech is Improved – If missing teeth have been affecting your speech, dental implants will fix the gaps and restore your diction.
  3. Won’t fall out or get lost like dentures – Poorly-fitted dentures risk falling out, being lost, and uncomfortable. As implants are a permanent fixtue that can never happen.
  4. No Alterations Needed: when you get a tooth-supported bridge surgery, there may be a possibility of reducing the size of your teeth, however with a dental implant, the surgeon does not need to alter any of your existing teeth to support the implant. Your teeth are also left untouched and not extracted to make space for a bridge.
  5. An Improvement in Self-esteem: a permanent procedure such as this can give you your confidence back. It can make you feel better about yourself and that can have a great advantage on your overall personality.
  6. Resilience. Implants are very hard-wearing and will last for multiple years, especially when looked after properly. This includes a robust oral care routine which the dentist will advise you on, once the procedure is complete.
  7. It is a Convenient Solution: the alternative treatment of getting removable dentures is exactly that – removable. They take a lot of care and hassle with it, as you may need to remove them when food gets stuck somewhere. Sometimes messy adhesives play a part too, to keep them in place. With implants, none of this is necessary, as you would deal with them like you would your teeth and no removal is needed.

Who Can Get A Dental Implant?

As long as you have healthy gums, and enough space within the jawbones to hold the implants, then you are good to go. If you have been to a dentist or dental surgeon for a routine dental extraction in the past and recovered well, then getting an implant should be fine.

In particular dentist professionals tend to refuse anyone for implant treatment if there is:

  • advanced calculus or poor oral hygiene
  • where bone height is less than 8mm
  • where bone width is less than 5mm
  • where a patient has severe bruxism (tooth grinding or clenching)
  • where the bite is mislaligned or unstable

Where to Get Guided Implants in Turkey?

Guided dental implants are the latest technological advancement in this field, and involve computer modelling of the patients mouth in order to create a 3d model. Using a cone-beam tomography (CBCT) 3D scan allows the dentist to plan the process with mathematical precision, and to create a prosthetic tooth that fits perfectly.

Guided implant surgeries enjoy a level of accuracy that far exceeds what was possible before, and a greater success rate. Precision placement of the tooth implant ensures nothing in the mouth is damaged, and the aesthetics of the implant are as perfect as can be.7

We work with several dental clinics in Turkey which are using guided implants, so please do enquire if you feel this process is right for you.

Dental Implants Procedure in Turkey

The initial steps involved in getting your implant will happen in the UK via an online consultation.

After providing the dentist witha panoramic dental x-ray: a 2-D dental image that illustrates the entire mouth in a single image, including the teeth, upper and lower jaws, and surrounding tissues, you can discuss your goals. This is your chance to meet the dentist, and ask any questions you may have.

Once you arrive at the clinic in Turkey, most specialists follow up with a CT scan which provides a complete 3-d model for optimum visibility. You will also see a periodontist to check the health of your gum tissues and jawbone.

Within a day or two, you’ll be ready for the implant procedure itself, which commonly happens under local anaethetic.

  • First, the damaged tooth is removed, if it has not fallen out already. A thorough check is done to see if there are any bone fragments left in the gums.
  • Secondly, the jawbone is prepared via a method called grafting
  • Then the dental implant is placed in the area
  • After which the dentist allows you time to heal and let the bone grow – the osseointegration stage
  • An abutment is placed when you return. This is placed in the tissue and closed up. It is a minor procedure and a local anesthetic is given beforehand.
  • Once the abutment is attached to the metal post placed initially, it is left to heal for another couple of weeks, usually, by the 2nd week you can go back, and upon the last and final appointment, the final touches are added i.e. the implant tooth or ‘prosthesis’ is placed securely.
  • Once the artificial tooth is placed you should be good to go home and return only as and when needed, for a regular check-up.

How Can Getting a Dental Implant Can Help You?

There are a few reasons why considering the above may just help you. Some of these reasons include:

  • Preserving and restoring your facial structure
  • Halting the progression of any gum recession or jawbone loss.
  • Helping you to secure dentures without having to use adhesives or glues.
  • It helps to support your existing teeth better.
  • It’s a permanent solution for missing teeth
  • It can create a secure base for any future bridgework.
  • Helps you to get back to enjoying talking properly and chewing your food the proper way.


We work with some of the best and largest facilitators in Turkey and can help you decide which option is best for, you and support you through the entire process of getting oral surgery.

Our Dental Implant Packages in Turkey

The goal with all of our dental implant packages is to make your trip to Turkey as easy and successful as possible. We do this by providing excellent value for money, and by our relationships with some of the best clinical practitioners in the region.

Given the typically high cost of dental implants in most European cities, more and more people find that travelling to Turkey, Bodrum, Ankara, or Izmir represents a huge saving, even with travel and accomodation thrown in.

With Simply Aesthetic, you get the peace of mind of a dedicated UK office where all your questions can be answered, and then a streamlined dental experience where everything is organised from flight, hotel to taxis.

Most importantly, our accredited dental implant partners offer world-class levels of care, meaning you’ll get the smile you’ve been dreaming of.

Depending on the procedure and the length of your stay, many of our clients find that combining dental work with a holiday in the sun makes the journey even more worthwhile and cost-effective.

Package DetailsCost (GBP)
Internationally certified dentistsIncluded
Accommodation at a 4-star hotelIncluded
All transfers with VIP carIncluded
Medical garmentsIncluded
Aftercare and follow-upsIncluded
Translator (on request)Included
Flights, accommodation, and airport transferIncluded


Optional ExtrasCost (EUR)
Additional nights at the 4-star hotelVaries
Additional cosmetic proceduresVaries
Personal shopping and sightseeing toursVaries

Caring for Your Dental Implant after Surgery.

Our Dental Surgeons in turkey are very careful, and caring towards our patients, and the majority of them will not only perform the surgery but will also put you on an oral care plan, give you the right advice and answer any questions you may have pre or post-surgery to help calm you down and give you a better understanding of what’s involved.

In terms of any discomfort related to getting a dental implant, the majority of patients who have done it, say that there is relatively no pain whatsoever, and very little discomfort during and after the treatment, as well. The consensus is that in comparison to getting a tooth extracted, it is far less painful.

The initial few days may render you slightly sore in and around the area of the mouth where the implant is, and this is normal. Taking over-the-counter painkillers and anti-inflammatories will help relieve this feeling.

Dental implants will need the same care as normal teeth would. Make sure to brush all four quadrants of your mouth, gently and thoroughly in circular motions. You should also be flossing all your teeth, and rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash both before and after brushing, as well as in between meals especially for the first couple of days till the soreness has minimized.

Also, make sure to book a regular consultation with the dentist a few weeks after and report back if anything doesn’t feel right.

Recovery from a Dental Implant in Turkey.

As with any type of surgery, there are some typical discomforts associated with them and some patients may experience a few of the below normal symptoms:

  • There may be some bruising on the gums and skin outside your mouth
  • Both your face and gums may be swollen for a few days after
  • There is mild to moderate pain at the site of the implant which can be subsided using over-the-counter painkillers, prescribed antibiotics, and inflammatory medication.
  • There will be some minor bleeding, which should subside after a few days. Keep a cotton ball in the area for a day or two.
  • Sometimes it’s a case of needing a few stitches which the surgeon can place for you at the site. These are not the dissolvable ones and you will need to go back to them to get them removed.

A few precautions to take once you are home are to not fiddle with the area as much as possible, use mouthwashes frequently, and eat mainly soft foods while it is still healing.

Recovering from a procedure such as this is not an issue as you will wait for a few days, to allow for the bone to grow around the implant. It could be possibly weeks as well, and then you will go back to the practice. This is known as osseointegration – when the bone combines with the titanium.

Cost of a Dental implant in Turkey

We offer multiple packages from our turkey clinics, which accommodate every need and budget requirement, including any accommodation requirements, travel arrangements, and airport picks.

The costs for a full mouth implant fee in Turkey are between £2000 to £8000 depending on how good or bad your oral health is, and the materials used by the surgeon.

The success rate for these and other types of procedures is usually 99%, and especially with teeth restoration, the majority of patients leave to go back to work or resume their day-to-day activities within one day of getting the implant done. You can enjoy a normal routine after just a few hours, however, our dental surgeons suggest getting some rest for at least the first 24 hours.

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