Dental Veneers in Turkey

Dental veneers involve a very thin sheet of ‘leaf’ or paper, created using a porcelain material, being attached to the front surface of your teeth to give them an aesthetically pleasing look and feel. As they are custom created, they will fit perfectly over a tooth or few teeth and give off a natural-looking result.

Preparing for Dental Veneers

Before getting Veneers the dentist will examine your teeth and gums and assess your overall dental hygiene health to see if you are eligible for dental veneers. If you need any fillings or implants these will need to be done beforehand.

During the consultation they may check for gum disease, infections, or any tooth decay to examine if you need any surgery before veneers. They will use visual software to show you an example of how Veneers can look. 

Dental Veneer Procedure

The dentist will start the procedure by shaving a thin layer of enamel from the front of your teeth and take an impression of your smile to fit you with temporary veneers to protect the teeth, while the permanent ones are created in the lab.

The process of shaving the teeth takes around 45 minutes, which is generally pain free as it is not invasive. Then within 3-4 hours the temporary teeth will be ready, so you can test out how your new teeth will look before the dentist places the permanent veneers. The manufacturing of the permanent veneers usually takes around 48 hours.

For the final appointment the dentist will complete the veneer procedure by using special bonding to hold the veneers in place and remove any excess cement.

Most porcelain veneers can last up to 10 years, but to achieve longer results and maintain the look of veneers, it is important to brush and floss regularly, use the right toothbrush, and seek advice from the dentist to see if a nightguard is needed.

Types of Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

One of the most common and aesthetic options people opt for is those made of porcelain. This is because it is the most biocompatible type of material to use inside the mouth and offers a long-lasting and robust result.

Laminates Veneers

laminate veneers will rarely have any issues such as causing injury or contamination to surrounding tissue around the mouth and are seen as a more advanced option of porcelain veneers.


Luminees are the treatment of choice if you have gum recession around your teeth because they can be used to cover exposed roots. These are a common brand of veneers that are made up of the thinnest porcelain-laminate material and they require minimal preparation.


Also, widely known by another name ‘onlays’, this is a great solution for restorative dental procedures. Any patient who has damaged posterior teeth can make a difference with this treatment

Dental Veneer Costs in Turkey?

The cost for a full set of dental veneers is around £3,000, but the cost will highly depend on the material used.The price usually included the hotel, VIP transfers from the airport to the clinic, and the price for the surgery and veneers.

Depending on the type of veneers the cost in Turkey can vary:

Full set of Porcelain Veneers – Prices from £4500
Full set of Emax Crowns – Prices from £4,000
Full set of Zirconium Porcelain Veneers – Prices from £2400

Comparing this to the average cost in the UK, a full set of veneers could be anything from £10,000 – £16,000, which is incredibly more expensive than traveling to Turkey.

Turkey has high end medical facilities, world class equipment, and highly qualified surgeons at an affordable price, making it one of the most popular destinations for dental surgery.

When choosing a dentist it is important to ask for previous patient reviews, before and after photos, and ask about the credentials they hold. Turkish dentists should be registered with the Ministry of Health and the dentist should be registered with the academy of aesthetic dentistry. 

Dental Veneer Recovery

With this being a non-surgical procedure there is no particle recovery time, but it may take 1-2 weeks to feel comfortable with your veneers. After a couple of weeks the sensitivty should have subsided and your speech and bite should have returned to normal. It is important to chew carefully during this stage to avoid breaking the veneers.

The dentists will show you how to keep on top of your oral hygiene and may advise you to avoid hot and cold drinks for the first couple of weeks. They may also suggest over the counter pain relief and desensitizing toothpaste.

Dental Veneer Risks

Due to the removal of enamel and shaving down of teeth during the veneer procedure, there are potential risks later on with veneers breaking or gum irritation. Some of the risks may include.

– Chipping or breakage 
– Gum inflammation
– Tooth Sensitivity
– Tooth pulp Injury

Before deciding to go ahead with any dental treatment it is essential to discuss any concerns or questions you have before booking in with a clinic.


Am I a good candidate for Dental Veneers?

If you’re seeking to fill gaps, repair damage, or enhance the appearance of your smile due to misalignment, discoloration, or irregular shapes, veneers might be a suitable option for you.

Is it safe to get Dental Veneers in Turkey?

When choosing a regulated dentist in Turkey it is safe to get veneers, as there are many qualified dentists that offer quality treatment to thousands of international patients on a monthly basis. Registered Turkish dentists are generally safe and recommended, but you need to do your research when picking a clinic to reduce any complications.

Why are Turkish Veneers so cheap?

The medical staff, dentists and cost of operating a practice is typically cheaper than western Europe, and with such a competitive market of international patients, they need to be more affordable and offer package deals that are more cost effective than other countries. 


The content on this website is not intended to serve as a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is important to seek medical advice from a medical practitioner before undergoing any surgery.

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