Septoplasty Surgery Turkey 

Septoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that aims to correct a deviated septum, improve breathing difficulties, and allow your sinuses to drain better. If you’re looking to improve airflow, nasal issues, or correct a crooked nose, then our otolaryngologists can help improve your overall health and sleep related issues through septoplasty surgery.

Septoplasty Procedure Overview

Having a septoplasty operation will improve breathing and other nasal issues. The surgery is relatively short and considered low risk with a total recovery expected in 1-2 months.

Procedure:Septoplasty Surgeryl Surgery
Purpose:Corrects deviated septum, improving breathing, sinus drainage, and addressing nasal issues or a crooked nose
Operation Time:Carried out in 1-2 hours
Type of Anaesthetic:Anaesthesia (general)
Side Effects:Potential side effects of septoplasty include bleeding, swelling, pain, nasal congestion, infection, changes in sense of smell, scarring, septal perforation, dryness or crusting in the nasal passages
Risks:Low risk, which can include bleeding, infection, scarring, nasal congestion, changes in sense of smell, and septal perforation
Recovery Time:1-2 weeks for initial recovery, with full healing expected within 1- months and some cases longer
Aftercare:After septoplasty, maintain nasal moisture, avoid strenuous activities, take prescribed medication, keep the head elevated, refrain from forceful nose blowing, follow cleaning instructions, and attend follow-up appointments
Results:Post septoplasty surgery, anticipate improved breathing, reduced nasal obstruction, enhanced sinus drainage, and potential correction of nasal deformities

Septoplasty Packages in Turkey 

Our septoplasty packages start from £2,000, which include VIP transportation, four star hotel accommodation, consultations, aftercare, and all other medical fees for Septoplasty.

Package DetailsIncluded/Cost (GBP)
Luxury Accommodation: Stay at one of our centrally located 4-star hotel, ensuring a short and convenient journey to our clinic.
Additonal nights: Should you wish to extend your stay beyond the package duration, additional nights at our 4-star hotel are available, offering the same level of comfort and convenience.From £80
VIP Transfers – Airport to Hotel: Travel in style from the airport to your hotel in our spacious luxury 6-seater vehicles, designed for your comfort and convenience.
VIP Transfers – Hotel to Clinic: Seamless luxury transport from your hotel to our clinic, ensuring a stress-free journey for every appointment in our luxury 6-seater.
Comprehensive Aftercare & Follow-Ups: Benefit from our follow-up appointments to ensure your wellbeing and satisfaction with the treatment outcomes.
Translator Service (On Request): Upon request, a skilled translator from our team, fluent in over 26 languages, will be available to assist you throughout your visit.

Septoplasty Costs in Turkey Vs UK

Septoplasty costs in the UK start from £4,000. Travelling to Turkey, which is only a three hour flight from the UK, can save you £2,000 in medical fees, and give you a chance to explore the wonderful city of Istanbul.

We have compared septoplasty across four major countries below:

SeptoplastyGBP (£)
United Kingdom£4,000+
United States£4,650+

Septoplasty Journey in Turkey

Your itinerary for your septoplasty  journey  in Turkey with a day by day breakdown:

Day 1: Arrival

  • Arrive at Istanbul International Airport (IST)
  • VIP transfer to hotel for check-in

Day 2: Hospital Admission

  • Transportation to specialized septoplasty clinic
  • Pre-surgery preparations by medical expert team
  • Health assessments and tests
  • Septoplasty surgery performed
  • Overnight stay at the hospital to start to recover

Day 3: Discharge and Recovery

  • Post-operative check-up
  • Discharge from clinic
  • Return to hotel for continued recovery

Day 4: Follow-up and Aftercare

  • Follow-up appointment at clinic
  • Receive detailed aftercare guide
  • Drop-off at Istanbul International Airport (IST) for departure home

Septoplasty Procedure

The septoplasty procedure starts by making an incision in one side of your nose, lifting the mucosa, allowing the surgeon to re-shape the septum bone and cartilage to correct any deviations. Cartilage and bone will be adjusted, but your nose will not be broken. The surgeon will then reposition the mucosa over the newly shaped septum, and secure the mucosal lining with dissolvable stitches.

Septoplasty and rhinoplasty can be performed together to address both functional and aesthetic concerns of the nasal area, and improve your facial symmetry. The procedure for septoplasty is done under general anaesthesia and takes 1-2 hours.

Before the surgery, our experienced nose surgeons will do a full medical examination to check your skin and inside of your nose, as well as discuss any concerns or questions you might have about the procedure.

VIP Transfer, 5 Star Hotel, Medical Fees

Top Clinics for Septoplasty in Turkey

Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı recovery room

Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı

Istanbul, Turkey
Our partner clinic, led by the renowned surgeon Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı with a distinguished track record in rhinoplasty and breast surgeries. Our clinic stands at the forefront of offering specialised aesthetic solutions, underpinned by our leading surgeon’s extensive international training and
From £1,790
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Doku Medical

Istanbul, Turkey
Doku Medical, one of our esteemed partner clinic, a leader in medical aesthetics and plastic surgery located in Istanbul’s vibrant Şişli district. Spanning 5,000 m², it stands as a beacon of transformative healthcare and aesthetic services, supported by a robust team of
From £1,790
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Septoplasty Recovery

Typically, Septoplasty recovery takes 1-2 weeks before resuming back to normal activities. Strenuous activity should be avoided for about one month, and usually patients make a full recovery within 1-2 months, but will see the full results within 3-6 months.

Before leaving the hospital, our surgeon will provide you with a detailed post operative plan to help speed up recovery, which will include all medications, nasal sprays, and instructions for healing the nose, such as keeping your head elevated, not blowing your nose, and to avoid breathing through your nose after surgery.

After your overnight stay in the hospital, our aftercare team will assist you getting back to your hotel to rest up before you fly home, and support you throughout your recovery to ensure the healing process is going well.

Septoplasty Before and Afters

Our Septoplasty before and after photos, five star reviews, and international patients stories show the amazing results our customers have experienced from travelling to Turkey for facial cosmetics. 

From blocked nostrils, sleep apnea, loud snoring, and frequent nosebleeds, we;ve helped hundreds of patients achieve a better quality of life through septoplasty surgery.

Otolaryngologists Surgeons

Our otolaryngologist surgeons are fully trained, and accredited with ISAPS certificates. The initial consultation with one of our surgeons is free of charge, giving you the chance to discuss the preoperative process, medical history, and any combined treatments you may require.

All of our clinics in Turkey are armed with the latest technology and the full support of English speaking translators, case managers and world class surgeons. Our ENT department caters for international patients across the UK and globally, and is registered and regularly visited by the Turkish ministry of health to ensure the highest medical standards are met.

Dr. Ergin Er
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Y. İlker Manavbaşı
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Aylin Turan
Plastic Surgeon

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Arrange a virtual consultation with one of our Otolaryngologists to discuss septoplasty and how it can help you. The virtual consultation, will be an allocated appointment to gain a deeper understanding of the surgery as well as the expected outcomes of your nose and septum. Our dedicated team is on hand to assist you with any questions and concerns you have.

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    Get in touch with us on any questions you have with septoplasty, where our medical team can support. To assist we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions we have received from patients wanting corrections or improvements to their septum through septoplasty. 

    Turkey is safe, affordable, and is one the most visited destinations globally for nose surgery. With all inclusive packages and extremely skilled surgeons, visiting Turkey is a good choice for Septoplasty.

    The cost of living and operational costs in Turkey is cheaper than most countries, and because of the huge number of qualified surgeons in cosmetic surgery, this makes pricing more cost efficient.

    Like all surgery, there are risks associated with Septoplasty, such as blocked air flow through the nose, sense of smell being less than usual, and short term loss in the upper gum, or nose.

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