The Many Different Types of Hair Styles After Getting Your Hair Transplant Surgery

For those who have never done a hair transplant surgery before, one of the main questions they seem to ask themselves is – how do I style my hair afterward? The good news is, once you’ve gotten your full head of hair, the list of things you can do is endless. This article discusses a brief idea of what hair transplant procedures look like and how you can maintain the style you want afterward.

Hairstyles You Can Achieve After a Hair Transplant

One of the most exciting parts of getting a procedure such as this is the result of a full head of hair. Now that you have a brief idea of the types of hair transplants you can get, there are many styles that people can do with their new head of hair, some of these include:

A Textured Curl 

A simple, yet effective hairstyle to make you look fabulous is the textured curl. This is one of those styles that can suit most people with various shapes of faces. Letting your hair grow is the trick to getting this type of hairstyle, once it has grown you can leave it to achieve a ‘messy bed-head hairdo.

You can use certain hair products to achieve the look as well, such as gels or mousse to keep this style in place all day. This, coupled with a trimmed beard can do wonders for your look.

The Caesar

This is a style that was coined after a famous Roman Emperor who also had a textured curly hairstyle. If your intention of achieving hair growth back on your crown has been achieved, you can easily opt to get a hairstyle such as this. This is also a great option for those with short hair and you do not need to wait for your hair to grow longer.

A Comb Over

One of the more popular choices of hairstyles for men after a hair transplant is known as the comb-over. As the name suggests it is a style that disguises any bald spots on your head if you have opted to only get the sides of your head implanted with new hair.

It is a quick and easy style to achieve and comes in various styles. You can choose to use a hairdryer or a comb to comb it over to the top of your head from the sides. This will look at a much fuller head of hair.

The Brushed-Up Look

Another easy hairstyle you can create for yourself includes the brushed-up look. To get this effect you will want to use some hair products such as a gel or hair spray, a blow dryer, and a brush. Wet your hair and use the hairbrush and dryer, push it upwards and dry it so it stands up.

Those with short hair can easily achieve this look however those with longer hair may struggle to get their hair to stand upright.

The Slick Back and Sides Hair Style

Since the 80s men have been styling their hair to achieve the slick back and sides look and it is still a popular trend with most men of all ages. It uses minimal effort and is one of the most ideal styles to get after a hair transplant.

This style also puts very minimal stress on your hair and you can pull it gently back and either let it fall to one side or have a parting. Some hairdressers can also help you accomplish this look via a haircut.

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Style Your Hair After A Transplant

The initial month after you’ve gotten your hair procedure done, there is minimal care needed, except to let the hair grafts heal and ground themselves in your scalp. Tugging at them or pulling them may not be recommended so soon after your procedure so refrain from doing much with it, except shampooing it and letting it dry naturally.

The shampoo you use must be a mild one, and doctors or surgeons can usually recommend the best one for you. This is especially recommended in the treated areas where scabs will naturally form but will fall off after a few weeks.

Try using a gentle sponge to wash your hair and when you sleep try and protect the donor sites from not laying on top of them for a couple of days till it has healed properly. In addition, avoid towel drying your hair. Just a couple of weeks after your procedure, and once your surgeon has done a final check that everything has been healed properly, you can enthusiastically start experimenting with different hairstyles and choose the one that best suits you.

A quick reminder is that the transplanted hair can sometimes take one year to start growing back, this only means that you have plenty of time to consider your new hairstyle options. In addition, try to avoid using any styling products for at least six weeks after the procedure.

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