Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey

Professional laser eye surgery in Turkey has never been more convenient. Simply Aesthetic is committed to finding you the best eye surgeon in Turkey while helping you arrange your travel, flights, airport pick-ups and aftercare in a convenient package.

We have relationships with several prestigious eye clinics in Turkey and offer a bespoke service to help you find the right clinic at market-leading prices.

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Procedure:Laser Eye Surgery
Purpose:To correct vision problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism
Operation Time:10-15 minutes per eye
Type of Anaesthetic:Eye drops
Side Effects:Dry eyes, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, and halos or glare
Risks:Low risk of complications, such as infection, corneal abrasion, and dry eye syndrome
Recovery Time:1-2 days for initial recovery, up to 1-2 weeks for complete healing and stabilization of vision
Aftercare:Following post-operative instructions for care and hygiene, using prescribed eye drops, avoiding rubbing the eyes, and attending follow-up appointments for evaluation
Results:Improved vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses, and a better quality of life

Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey: All You Need to Know

Laser surgery is a simple, affordable process that can eradicate the need to wear glasses for good. Because it can be prohibitively expensive in the UK, many people choose Turkey as an affordable destination for vision correction. But is it worth it?

The answer is that Turkey has, over many years, become a global medical and dental tourism hub, with over 600 clinics currently registered in Istanbul alone. It’s grown so popular partly because of its geographical location between Europe and Asia but also because labour and operational costs are lower, meaning it can undercut other countries and still retain top specialists.

We’ve spent years forging partnerships with some of the best ophthalmologists in Turkey, personally visiting the clinics and building relationships via scores of happy clients. This knowledge, combined with the affordability of our medical tourism packages, will allow you to travel to Turkey with enormous confidence.

Flying to Turkey for a few days could be all it takes to give you perfect vision, at a fraction of UK prices.

How does Laser Eye Surgery Work?

Laser eye surgery is a procedure that uses a laser to reshape the cornea, the clear front part of the eye, to improve vision. The operation is typically used to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

During the procedure, the surgeon first creates a small flap in the cornea using a laser or a thin, sharp tool called a microkeratome. The flap is then folded back to reveal the underlying tissue. The surgeon uses another laser to reshape the tissue and correct the vision problem. Finally, the flap is put back into place and allowed to heal.

Laser eye surgery is usually an outpatient procedure and takes about 20-30 minutes per eye.

The operation is painless, and most people can see clearly within a day or two of the surgery. However, it may take several weeks or months for the eye to heal fully, and some people may experience temporary side effects such as dry eyes, halos around lights, or glare. Usually, these side effects resolve on their own within a few weeks or months.

Three Main Types of Laser Eye Surgery

The most common laser eye surgery types use femtosecond and excimer lasers. These are SMILE, LASIK, and Surface Laser Treatments.

  • SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is a closed surgery suitable for people with thinner corneas and is used to treat high myopia and astigmatism. It does not involve tissue removal and is designed to protect the cornea structure.
  • LASIK (Laser in situ Keratomileusis) is a surgery that uses two lasers: one to create a flap on the cornea’s surface and another to reshape the underlying tissue. The flap is then replaced without the use of stitches.
  • Surface laser treatments, including PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) and TransPRK (TransEpithelial Photorefractive Keratectomy), involve removing the transparent skin on the surface of the cornea and using a laser to reshape the underlying tissue. The skin grows back quickly and usually.

How Much Does SMILE Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Turkey?

In Turkey, the cost of SMILE laser eye surgery can range from around £2000 to £3,000 per procedure.

The cost of SMILE laser eye surgery in Turkey can vary widely depending on several factors, including the surgery’s location, the surgeon’s experience and reputation, and your specific medical needs.

How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Turkey?

Laski eye surgery costs approximately £1500 per eye in Turkey for an operation of comparable quality to the top clinics in the UK.

What's the Process for Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey

The process for laser eye surgery in Turkey typically includes the following steps:

  1. Initial Consultation: During the consultation, the surgeon will perform a comprehensive eye exam, discuss your vision goals and the best treatment options for your needs, explain the procedure in detail, and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Pre-operative preparation: Before the surgery, you will be asked to stop wearing contact lenses and to avoid certain medications that could affect the procedure. The specialist may suggest additional tests, such as a corneal mapping exam, to help the surgeon plan the surgery.
  3. Procedure: Laser eye surgery is usually an outpatient procedure and takes about 20-30 minutes per eye. The surgeon will numb your eye with anaesthetic drops and use a laser or a thin, sharp tool called a microkeratome to create a flap in the cornea. The flap is folded back, and the surgeon uses another laser to reshape the underlying tissue and correct the vision problem. Finally, the flap is put back into place and allowed to heal.
  4. Recovery: After the surgery, you will need to rest for a few hours and may be given eye drops to help heal and prevent infection. You should be able to see clearly within a day or two of the surgery, but it may take several weeks or months for the eye to heal fully. You must follow up with the surgeon for several weeks or months to ensure proper healing and vision improvement.

Advantages of Getting Laser Eye Surgery

The advantages of laser eye surgery include the following:

  • Over 96% of patients achieve their desired vision outcomes
  • Vision is significantly improved immediately after the surgery and continues to improve in the weeks following
  • The procedure is generally painless and uses anaesthetic drops
  • No bandages are required after the surgery
  • The procedure can be repeated as the patient ages to maintain clear vision
  • The surgery takes about 20 minutes and is a quick procedure
  • Patients who undergo surgery may no longer need glasses or contact lenses
  • The procedure is safe, effective, and less costly in Turkey compared to other countries.

Is Laser Eye Surgery Safe?

Laser eye surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the world and is incredibly safe.

A quality of life survey on Lasik put the overall patient satisfaction rate after primary LASIK surgery at 95.4%.

At Simply Aesthetic, we take ourpatientst experiences and concerns very seriously, so please make contact if you feel nervous about having eye surgery. We can explain how simple and effective the process is.

FAQS about Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey

What is Astigmatism

Astigmatism is the condition where there is an imperfection in the curves of the eye that cause near vision and often blurry vision too. Instead of having a normal curvature, the look is shaped like an egg.

What choose Turkey for Lasik Eye Surgery

Over 40 million laser eye surgeries have been carried out in the region, and this number keeps increasing with patients visiting clinics worldwide. As one of the top-rated international visitors destinations, Turkey remains one of the best destinations for having not only this type of procedure done but numerous others.

Eligibility for Lasik Eye Surgery in Turkey

Most patients over the age of 18 years are suitable candidates for laser eye surgery in Turkey. If your prescription glasses have remained the same for two years, you can also get this surgery done. Lens surgery is the more appropriate solution for those whose number is higher.

Our Laser Eye Surgery Packages in Istanbul

Here is a sample pack that includes preliminary consultation, flights, accommodation, surgical expertise, and aftercare:

Preliminary Consultation:

  • Comprehensive eye exam to gauge if you are a candidate for laser eye surgery
  • Discussion of your vision goals and the best treatment options for your needs
  • Explanation of the procedure, risks, and benefits


  • Round-trip economy class flights to Istanbul, Turkey
  • Airport transfers to and from the hotel


  • Four nights at a 4-star hotel in Istanbul, located near the clinic
  • Daily breakfast included

Surgical Expertise:

  • Laser eye surgery performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon
  • Use of advanced technology and techniques to ensure optimal results


  • Follow-up appointments with the surgeon to ensure proper healing and vision improvement
  • Emergency care and support as needed

Total cost: $2,000 per person

Please be aware that this is just a sample package, and the actual cost and details of the box may vary depending on your specific needs. 

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