Laser Eye Surgery Turkey 

Laser eye surgery, also known as lasik surgery, uses lasers to change the shape of your cornea, improving your vision and correcting eyesight issues, such as short sighted, long sighted, and blurry vision. 

Whether you’re looking to eliminate the need to wear glasses, treat eye conditions that can lead to loss of vision, or enhance the focus of your eyesight, our lasik eye surgeons and ophthalmology specialists can help you achieve better vision. 

Laser Eye Surgery Procedure Overview

Explore the key details of Laser Eye Surgery in the table below. From its purpose and operation time to side effects, risks, and recovery, get a concise overview of this procedure and its aftercare requirements.

Procedure:Laser Eye Surgery
Purpose:To correct vision problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism
Operation Time:15-25 minutes per eye
Type of Anaesthetic:Eye drops
Side Effects:Dry eyes, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, and halos or glare
Risks:Low risk of complications, such as infection, corneal abrasion, and dry eye syndrome
Recovery Time:2-3 days for initial recovery, up to 2-3 months for complete healing and stabilisation of vision
Aftercare:Following post-operative instructions for care and hygiene, using prescribed eye drops, avoiding rubbing the eyes, and attending follow-up appointments for evaluation
Results:Improved vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses, and a better quality of life

Laser Eye Packages in Turkey

Our laser eye surgery packages for SMILE and LASIK surgery start from £1,500, which is £750 per eye, and includes VIP transfers, accommodation, and all medical fees. All of our prices give you the option to handpick your surgeon, destination in Turkey, and choice of clinic.

Package DetailsIncluded/Cost (GBP)
Luxury Accommodation: Stay at one of our centrally located 4-star hotel, ensuring a short and convenient journey to our clinic.
Additonal nights: Should you wish to extend your stay beyond the package duration, additional nights at our 4-star hotel are available, offering the same level of comfort and convenience.From £80
VIP Transfers – Airport to Hotel: Travel in style from the airport to your hotel in our spacious luxury 6-seater vehicles, designed for your comfort and convenience.
VIP Transfers – Hotel to Clinic: Seamless luxury transport from your hotel to our clinic, ensuring a stress-free journey for every appointment in our luxury 6-seater.
Comprehensive Aftercare & Follow-Ups: Benefit from our follow-up appointments to ensure your wellbeing and satisfaction with the treatment outcomes.
Translator Service (On Request): Upon request, a skilled translator from our team, fluent in over 26 languages, will be available to assist you throughout your visit.

Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Turkey Vs UK

The average cost for laser eye surgery in the UK is £5,000, which is £2,500 per eye, costing patients almost £3,000 more when opting for surgery in the UK. With Istanbul only being a three hour flight from the UK, this has become a popular destination for a variety of cosmetic surgeries.

We have compared laser eye surgery across four major countries below:

Laser Eye Surgery (Both Eyes)GBP (£)
United Kingdom£5,000+
United States£5,750+

Laser Eye Surgery Journey in Turkey

Embark on your laser eye surgery journey in Turkey with this tailored itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival

  • Welcomed at Istanbul International Airport (IST)
  • Transfer to hotel for check-in

Day 2: Hospital Admission

  • Transport to our laser eye surgery clinic
  • Pre-surgery preparations by expert team
  • Health assessments and tests conducted
  • Laser eye surgery performed
  • Overnight stay at hospital for initial recovery

Day 3: Discharge and Recovery

  • Post-operative check-up with surgeon
  • Discharge from hospital, return to hotel

Day 4: Follow-up and Aftercare

  • Attend follow-up appointment at clinic
  • Receive aftercare instructions and guidance
  • Dropped off at Istanbul International Airport (IST) for departure


Laser Eye Surgery Procedure

During the procedure, the surgeon will numb your eye with anaesthetic drops and use a laser or a thin, sharp tool called a microkeratome to create a flap in the cornea. The flap is folded back, and another laser is used to reshape the underlying tissue and correct the visual impairment. Finally, the flap is returned back into place and allowed the area to heal. The surgery lasts about 20 minutes, and is performed under local anaesthetic. 

There are three different techniques used in laser eye surgery, which will be discussed with you during your examination, but typically the surgery types are SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction), LASIK (Laser in situ Keratomileusis), and Surface Laser treatments. 

Last Eye Surgery
VIP Transfer, 5 Star Hotel, Medical Fees

Top Clinics for laser eye surgery in Turkey

Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı recovery room

Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı

Istanbul, Turkey
Our partner clinic, led by the renowned surgeon Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı with a distinguished track record in rhinoplasty and breast surgeries. Our clinic stands at the forefront of offering specialised aesthetic solutions, underpinned by our leading surgeon’s extensive international training and
From £1,790
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Doku Medical

Istanbul, Turkey
Doku Medical, one of our esteemed partner clinic, a leader in medical aesthetics and plastic surgery located in Istanbul’s vibrant Şişli district. Spanning 5,000 m², it stands as a beacon of transformative healthcare and aesthetic services, supported by a robust team of
From £1,790
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Laser Eye Surgery Recovery

Laser Eye Surgery recovery can take 2-3 days before you can resume back at work, but it usually takes 2-3 months for your eye to heal. We advise patients to rest up for 24 hours after the operation, and avoid rubbing your eyes during the healing process, as this may remove the flap.

Our ophthalmology team and experienced lasik surgeons are on hand throughout the entire process to guide you with your recovery, and will provide you a full aftercare plan, with prescribed eye drops to prevent inflammation and dryness.

Laser Eye Before and Afters

Our five star Truspilot reviews, and extensive collection of patient success stories, showcase how Simply Aesthetic are industry leaders in the medical tourism field. 

Over 96% of patients achieve their desired vision outcomes, and leave Turkey contact lens free, with clearer vision, and a boost of self confidence.

Laser Eye Surgeons

Before the operation, we will book you in for a consultation to discuss the best treatment options, procedure, surgery, and preoperative process. Then your chosen Ophthalmologists will arrange a time for you to come into the clinic for a comprehensive eye exam, and any other additional tests needed, such as corneal mapping to help prepare for surgery. 

We have dedicated lasik surgery departments, equipped with the latest technology, experienced surgeons, and many happy patients who have had transformative experiences in improving their eyesight.

Dr. Ergin Er
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Y. İlker Manavbaşı
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Aylin Turan
Plastic Surgeon

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Have one of our consultation discuss how laser eye surgery can benefit you and join the many hundreds of patients who have decided to use Simply Aesthetics for their plastic surgery needs. Meet with one of our Ophthalmologists to access your requirements and desired results. The team are here to support you through each stage of the journey and address any queries you might have.

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    If you’re considering laser eye surgery in the Turkey and have queries, get in touch with our team of specialists who can provide direct answers. Here are some common questions we often encounter from those exploring laser eye surgery.

    Turkey is incredibly safe for laser eye surgery, and is one of the top ranked countries for eye surgeries. With over 40,000 yearly patients visiting Turkey, this has become one of the most popular destinations for plastic surgery worldwide.

    SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is a closed surgery suitable for people with thinner corneas and is used to treat high myopia and astigmatism. It does not involve tissue removal and is designed to protect the cornea structure.

    Surface laser treatments, including PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) and TransPRK (TransEpithelial Photorefractive Keratectomy), involve removing the transparent skin on the surface of the cornea and using a laser to reshape the underlying tissue.

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