Breast Uplift Surgery Turkey

If you feel insecure about the size and shape of your breasts, or you’re worried that your breasts are dropping or sagging with age, then breast uplift surgery may help you to restore your breast shape and gain your confidence back.

Turkey is renowned for having some of the best aesthetic surgeons and clinics in the world, and Simply Aesthetic helps you find the best clinic for your breast lift surgery. Everyone from the nursing staff to the anesthesiologist and the aftercare team are on hand to support you in your breast uplift surgery.

Procedure:Breast Augmentation
Purpose:To enhance the size and shape of the breasts with implants or fat transfer
Operation Time:1-2 hours
Type of Anaesthetic:General anaesthesia
Side Effects:Swelling, bruising, soreness, and temporary changes in sensation or nipple position
Risks:Low risk of complications, such as infection, bleeding, implant rupture or leakage, and unsatisfactory results
Recovery Time:1-2 weeks for initial recovery, up to 6-8 weeks for complete recovery and settling of the implants
Aftercare:Following post-operative instructions for care and hygiene, wearing a supportive bra, avoiding strenuous activity, and attending follow-up appointments for evaluation
Results:Fuller, more shapely breasts that enhance the patient’s figure and boost confidence

What is breast uplift surgery?

Breast uplift surgery (also known as a breast lift or a mastopexy) is a surgical procedure to reshape and lift the breasts. This is done by removing excess skin, repositioning the nipple and sometimes using a breast implant to restore volume back to the shape of the breast. Others may choose a breast reduction at the same time as their breast uplift.

Women who have gone through multiple pregnancies or have lost the appearance and shape of their breasts are good candidates for breast uplift surgery. Other common candidates are those who due to age, weight change, genetics and gravity have lost the shape of their breasts and are looking for some improvement.

What is the process of Breast Lift Surgery?

Upon your initial consultation, the surgeon will explain everything in detail, including how to prepare for your surgery and what to expect during and after.

Breast uplift surgery usually takes 2-3 hours to complete and is done under general anesthetic. Your surgeon will make several cuts on your breasts, then they will remove skin from around the area around your nipplesand/or from under your breasts. They’ll then re-shape your breasts and often they’ll reposition your nipples, reducing the size of your areola.

If you’re having a breast enlargement at the same time, your surgeon will insert a breast implant. This will help to give fullness to the upper part of your breast. Your surgeon will place the implant directly under your breast tissue or behind your chest muscle. If you’re having a breast reduction at the same time they’ll remove excess tissue.

When the operation is finished, your surgeon will close the cuts with stitches or skin-closure strips. They may wrap your breasts in a supportive dressing or use tape for support.

Breastlift Packages to Turkey

Package DetailsCost (GBP)
Internationally certified plastic surgeonsIncluded
Accommodation at a 4-star hotelIncluded
All transfers with VIP carIncluded
Medical garmentsIncluded
Aftercare and follow-upsIncluded
Translator (on request)Included
Flights, accommodation, and airport transferIncluded


Optional ExtrasCost (EUR)
Additional nights at the 4-star hotelVaries
Additional cosmetic proceduresVaries
Personal shopping and sightseeing toursVaries

Recovery from a breast lift procedure

After breast uplift surgery, you’ll need to rest until the anesthetic has worn off. You’ll be offered pain relief to help with any discomfort you have. You may have thin tubes running out from the wound to drain excess fluid into a bag or bottle. These will be removed when the fluid or blood has stopped draining, usually before you go home.

You may need to stay overnight or in clinic for a few days so that you can be monitored. This is before you go to your hotel to continue your recovery. Your medical team will run through your aftercare and recovery with you. With our breast lift packages, your travel, surgery, aftercare and hotel stay is included and taken care of for you.

While you recover, build up your level of activity gently. You’ll probably be able to do light activities after 2 weeks and be back to your normal activities by 6 weeks. Don’t lift anything heavy for several weeks. You’ll be able to take painkillers if you’re experiencing any discomfort.

It’s best to wear a bra with no underwiring for a few weeks after the operation, and in some cases a firm dressing or support bra. Your surgeon will probably recommend that you wear a firm dressing or support bra for a few weeks while you heal. This will help to stop the weight of your breasts pulling on your healing wounds. A sports bra may be suitable – ask your surgeon or nurse for advice.

Is breast uplift surgery safe?

.Like every surgery, there are risks involved with breast uplift surgery, but for the most part, it’s a relatively low-risk surgery that thousands of women have each year. There are some temporary side effects that you may experience, like soreness, swelling, bruising, scarring and changes in nipple sensation.

Some complications can happen after any operation. You might develop chest problems, for instance, especially if you smoke. There’s also a risk of a blood clot, usually in a vein in the leg. When it comes to breast uplift surgery, there are some specific risks to be aware of:

  • Infection or sepsis.
  • Bleeding or bruising.
  • Scarring.
  • Uneven size or shape.
  • Damaged tissues, nerves, blood vessels or muscles.
  • Loss of part, or all of, your nipple or other areas of your breast may be caused by changes in blood supply, which can cause body tissue to die.


As you get older, your breasts can sag again, meaning that you may need further surgery if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your breasts.

ProcedureBreast uplift surgery.
Purpose of procedureImprove the appearance of sagging breasts.
Operation Time2-3 hours.
Type of AnaestheticGeneral.
Side Effects
  • Infection or sepsis.
  • Bleeding or bruising.
  • Scarring.
  • Uneven size or shape.
  • Damaged tissues, nerves, blood vessels or muscles. Loss of part, or all of, your nipple or other areas of your breast may be caused by changes in blood supply, which can cause body tissue to die.
Recovery Time6-8 weeks
ScarringSome scarring requires aftercare, depending on the procedure.


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