Dental Plus Istanbul, Turkey
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Dental Plus


Since its inception in 2012 in the vibrant district of Bakırköy, Dental Plus Dental Clinic has established itself as a cornerstone of dental excellence, embodying the highest standards of patient care and satisfaction. Our collaboration with Dental Plus Dental Clinic is a testament to our commitment to partnering with institutions that share our dedication to excellence in healthcare. This partnership enables us to offer our clients access to premier dental services within a state-of-the-art facility.

The clinic itself is an impressive 6-storey campus, thoughtfully designed to accommodate 12 clinics, each equipped with the latest dental technologies. These facilities are crafted not only for superior dental care but also for maximum patient comfort and convenience. To cater to the diverse needs of their patients, Dental Plus Dental Clinic includes several additional amenities, such as a children’s playroom, ensuring that family visits are stress-free and enjoyable; a prayer room, providing a space for reflection and tranquility; and a valet service, adding an extra layer of convenience to every visit.

At the heart of Dental Plus Dental Clinic’s success is its formidable team, comprising 12 specialist doctors and 15 experienced staff members. This dedicated team is committed to delivering friendly service, grounded in a deep understanding of patient needs and the importance of a supportive and welcoming environment. Their collective expertise spans a wide range of dental disciplines, enabling them to offer comprehensive dental care, from routine check-ups to specialised treatments.

We are delighted to feature Dental Plus Dental Clinic on our website as a trusted partner dentist. Their unwavering commitment to patient satisfaction, combined with their innovative approach to dental care, aligns perfectly with our vision. By choosing Dental Plus, our clients are assured of receiving not just exceptional dental treatments but also a holistic care experience designed to make every visit as pleasant and effective as possible.

Dental Plus
Istanbul, Turkey
Zuhuratbaba Mh. İncirli Cd. No:73, Bakırköy/İstanbul
From £1100

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