Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı Istanbul, Turkey
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Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı


Our partner clinic, led by the renowned surgeon Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı with a distinguished track record in rhinoplasty and breast surgeries. Our clinic stands at the forefront of offering specialised aesthetic solutions, underpinned by our leading surgeon’s extensive international training and profound expertise in the field.

Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı embarked on his educational journey at Hacettepe Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi in Ankara, Turkey, completing an intensive English medical programme from 1999 to 2005. His pursuit of excellence in plastic surgery led him to specialise at Ankara Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi’s Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery between 2006 and 2012. Further enhancing his global perspective, he participated in an Observer Programme at the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, in 2014, joining the ranks of the global plastic surgery elite.

The clinic greatly benefits from his academic contributions and his dedication to advancing surgical practices. He has been instrumental in translating significant surgical literature and presenting innovative case studies, markedly influencing contemporary surgical methods. His active participation in leading surgical congresses, both domestically and internationally, underscores our clinic’s commitment to incorporating the latest in patient care advancements.

His career, characterised by relentless learning and professional development, ensures that our clinic remains at the cutting edge of aesthetic surgery. Through attending workshops, international congresses, and symposiums, he has maintained our practice in line with the most up-to-date trends and techniques in plastic surgery, reaffirming our dedication to excellence.

Located in the dynamic heart of Istanbul, our clinic is a beacon of aesthetic surgery, specialising in rhinoplasty and breast surgeries. Patients visiting our clinic are assured of unparalleled care, with safety, comfort, and exceptional surgical outcomes as our foremost priorities. Under his guidance, our team is committed to offering a comprehensive care experience, ensuring each patient’s journey with us is transformative and rewarding.

Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı
Istanbul, Turkey
Vadistanbul 2a Blok No:66 Ayazağa Sariyer/i̇stanbul, Türkiye
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