Laser Hair Removal

A lot of women in this generation are very keen on keeping their skin soft and hairless. In the United States, getting a hair laser removal is one of the most in-demand cosmetic procedures that most women get in their trusted clinics. They spend hundreds of dollars per month to maintain their hygiene and personal appearance.

People who have naturally grown hair in their arms and legs tend to have a problem in maintaining their entire body hairless because it grows back naturally and it will just take them a few months before going again to their trusted cosmetic clinic to do the procedure. It is a procedure that is commonly done in the bikini area, arms, legs, armpit, and thighs. If you are not a fan of having a hairy body, this procedure is preferred for you.

Additionally, even men, nowadays, are having problems with their unwanted hair which is why they are also getting hair removal services near them. The main idea for the procedure is to use a beam light to remove the unwanted hair in the body and at the same time reduce the hair growth for the next few months. Artists are also considering getting this procedure because it will be hassle-free on their part and they will have a more convenient time to get the job done by licensed dermatologists or nurses in the cosmetic clinic.

Having a lighter skin but darker hair in some areas of your body can be troublesome especially if you are always wearing dresses and bikinis. That is why it is recommended to get multiple services that will delay hair growth. Take note that this is not a procedure that will produce a permanent result but rather one of the best options for both men and women to remove unwanted hair and reduce the growth on the various parts of their body.

The Initial Process of Hair Removal By Using a Laser

A laser is used in this treatment which is commonly a beam of light that is directed to treat hair follicles and not the skin. If you are prone to having skin irritation and rashes, you must first consult your physician to know whether you are eligible to have a treatment or choose an alternative such as having a wax or shaving. Any area in your body can be treated by laser removal except your eyelids and those sensitive areas near your eyes.

Before the treatment, it is recommended to book or schedule a consultation first with your doctor to know if this treatment is the right one for you. There are skin types that are very fragile and cannot handle the laser which will be harmful to their skin. Every person differs from one another, that is why it is still helpful if people consult a doctor first with every treatment that they will get whether it is a minor procedure or a major one.

You must also ask your physician about the cost of the procedure and how the entire treatment is done. Asking all the questions related to your procedure will help you get an idea of the procedure and at the same time prevent any problems along the way. Being aware of the step-by-step procedure in your treatment will assure you that you are getting the result that you paid for.

You can also take photos of the areas where you will have a hair laser removal procedure to know the before and after-effects of the treatment. This will also serve as your documentation throughout the process. It is not considered a one-time treatment because you will need multiple procedures to visibly see the results and notice the reduction of hair growth in the areas where you got the treatment.

How to Prepare for the Laser Hair Treatment 

If you consider yourself a very outdoor person, it is time for you to limit your sun exposure if you are planning to have a skin laser treatment or hair removal soon. Being exposed to the sun most of the time can cause further damage and result in a higher chance of getting skin irritation. It can also increase the chance of having a sunburn in areas where you will have a laser which is why it can compromise the treatment or worse, will not allow you to have it by your physician due to your skin damage.

Another tip is to avoid drinking medication that may cause blood thinning. Some people have heart disease and other health issues that need medicine or maintenance to regulate blood flow in their bodies. This must be avoided days before, during, and after the treatment to prevent any complications that may occur. Some anti-inflammatory drugs are also avoided before the treatment to regulate the flow of blood in the body.

Moreover, you must also stop yourself from getting other hair removal services instead of laser treatment because it will just damage the skin and will cost you too much money due to possible skin problems and discoloration. Hence, if you are already getting a laser treatment, you must not opt for a wax or shaving process for hair removal because it will produce too much stress and pressure on your skin. 

Plucking is also not recommended because it may significantly affect the hair follicles which is an important part of hair growth that is being treated by the laser during the procedure. If the follicles are already damaged or already removed, laser hair removal is no longer feasible.

On the other hand, it is recommended that you must trim or shave the area where you are getting the treatment to help the follicles and skin still be intact for the next day’s process of the laser procedure. This step is a recommendation for most patients who got the same procedure because it can help people save more time and help the skin heal a little bit before the treatment.

Some discoloration and pigmentation may also occur especially for those who have fair or lighter skins because of the laser that is treating the hair follicles. If you are just thinking about your first-ever treatment, you should consult your physician and learn more about the things that you expect once you get laser hair removal. There are also some after-care procedures and tips to minimize irritation and prevent any skin damage that may occur due to the laser.

You must always check the clinic that you will get the treatment from and the credentials of the physician or dermatologist that will handle your skin. Some people are doing the procedure without the license needed and the proper training for the patients. This may lead to severe skin damage and at the same time cause you more money by getting unwanted results. It is harmful to trust people who did not undergo training in using a laser that is directly used on your body and other parts of your skin.

That is why it is highly recommended to talk to your friends and other members of your family regarding a clinic or a licensed professional that will help you achieve your hair-free body and softer skin. There are also soothing creams that are being applied after you get your treatment to reduce redness and irritation. Consult your doctor as soon as possible if you are having issues after the treatment and you feel discomfort in the area where you got the hair removed.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Pigmentation may also occur after you have a hair laser removal. For people who have very sensitive skin and react instantly after having a cosmetic procedure, you may expect to have hyperpigmentation which can damage the layer of your skin resulting in a darker area. Once you notice that there is already a drastic change in the color of your skin, it is time to call the clinic that did your procedure and tell them what happened.

Also, there are chances wherein you have to consult a dermatologist to have a closer look at the area where you have hyperpigmentation. It is a skin problem that is caused by an increase in melanin which is responsible for producing darker or irritated skin from cosmetic treatment. Retinoids and lightening creams can aid you in helping your skin go back to its original state and reduce irritation. 

However, there are also instances wherein the skin gets lighter after laser hair removal. In this case, the doctor must check your skin to know what should be the best treatment and put some healing cream to prevent further damage. Vit C can also help people who are dealing with hyperpigmentation to treat the skin discoloration and whiten areas that are severely damaged or affected by the laser.

In some cases, it is already recommended that the patients will book more treatments which are around 2 to 6 more sessions depending on the growth of hair that will be visible after a few weeks of laser hair removal and the status of the hair follicles in your body areas. Constant treatment will eventually help the patient have a lesser hair regrowth and make the skin or area smoother and lighter if the treatment is done correctly by a licensed health professional.

Some of the best products that will help you ease the redness or irritation in your skin are to apply moisturizers and cool compresses. This is commonly done by those people who already have an experience with the treatment and know the home remedies that will help them aid the healing of their skin faster. 

Also, sunscreen is vital in keeping the harmful rays of the sun from destroying your skin. Once you already have a laser treatment, the sun can significantly damage your skin if you are always under direct sunlight. That is why there are already tons of sunblocks that vary sun protection depending on the skin type of a person.

There are also some cases wherein blisters are possible. This is one of the most severe after-effects of getting a laser treatment which commonly occurs for people who have darker skin. You must go back to your doctor to let them check the blister and give you the proper cream or medication to heal it faster and prevent it from leaving a scar on your skin.

You must not take for granted the after-care tips and suggestions in getting a laser hair treatment because you may experience severe redness and scarring due to the side effects on your skin. Every skin type will be different from one another hence having a personal consultation before and after the treatment will help you get the best result for your skin type.

Additionally, you must always drink your vitamins such as A, C, D, and E which are crucial in keeping your immune system in the best conditions and promoting the healing of cells and tissues in the body. This will also give you a better chance of healing from a laser treatment because of the effects of Vitamin C on the skin.

The Cost of Laser Hair Removal

The price for cosmetic procedures will purely depend on the location, doctor, and the quality of the treatment that they offer. There are some places such as in Turkey, wherein they offer quality cosmetic and plastic surgeries for their patients at a lesser price. That is why there are a lot of tourists that visit this country to get the job done.

Also, you must know first your budget for getting various treatments because it is not a cheap procedure especially if you will get it from a clinic that is known for its amazing patient-care services and effective procedures. A common price for laser hair removal in the United States is around $300 to $500 depending on the clinic.

You must learn that getting a cosmetic treatment will also require a lot of research because it is not a simple process. You will risk your skin, body, and health in general if you choose the wrong doctor or the procedure that is not suitable for your skin and body.

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