Visit Turkey – The Ideal Destination for A Holiday or Medical Vacation

Who knew Turkey would be one of the most popular and trending countries for people to visit or get a health check-up or procedure done? 

In the lesser developed countries, things such as certain medical procedures and treatments are few and far between. The good news is, there are other more established and modernized regions in the world, such as Turkey and its capital Istanbul, that offer an array of different medical procedures not found anywhere else, and the bonus is, you have the option of getting to do some fun and exciting ‘touristy things’ while you are there.

The millions of people that travel to Turkey every year, seem to agree that out of all the other countries throughout the world, Turkey tops as the 17th most popular one to visit. According to statistics, over 700,000 people visited Turkey in 2018. This number has had significant growth over the last three years, mainly due to the inclusion of some of the most non-invasive, industry-standard, and modernized procedures offered at their doorsteps.

No matter what your health issue, or holiday desire, this country ticks all the boxes. So why is it so popular? Let us look at just a few of the countless things it offers, but first a little bit more about Turkey.

A Few Facts About Turkey

  • The language: Turkish
  • The Currency: Turkish Lira
  • Population in 2020: 84.34 million
  • Time Zone: GMT +3
  • Capital: Ankara

The Appeal of Visiting Turkey from a Medical Tourism Perspective

There are several reasons why Turkey is deemed as one of the first options that medical tourists decide to frequent for their health requirements, and also for their vacationing needs. We take a look at why it is a revered place from the medical tourism side of things:   

  1. Without having to sacrifice their quality of service; the majority of reputable surgeries and clinics offer some of the best and most affordable procedures in the world
  2. There is hardly any waiting period required when visiting the capital and both procedures and elective surgeries are offered in many certified and well-established as well as highly reputable clinics and surgeries
  3. They offer some of the best care facilities for both pre and post-surgery. The majority of the reasonable costs include accommodation facilities as well as medication and transportation requirements.
  4. Discretion is also a popular reason, as those, such as celebrities and those from different backgrounds can get their cosmetic or surgical procedures done without having to explain themselves to their friends or families
  5. Turkey has one of the highest numbers of US-accredited hospitals in the world.
  6. Doctors and surgeons who operate their practices and work in hospitals in the country have been trained and certified overseas but choose to return to their own country to offer their highly advanced skills and knowledge to patients that come from all over the world

The Appeal of Visiting Turkey from a Holiday Tourism Perspective

Turkey is a large country no doubt, it overlaps both Europe and Asia, which is geographically known as the ‘Eurasia’ region. This country is a border to four different seas i.e. the Mediterranean to the south, the Sea of Marmara between the European and Asian land masses, the Aegean to the west, and the Black Sea to the north.

As the ancient history is covered in tales of the Ottoman empire, one can only imagine how beautiful its landscapes and architecture really are, if you have not as yet visited the region. With the appreciation of both the Western and Eastern elements, it is bordered by eight different countries, making it not only a pleasurable experience to visit it on its own but also branch off to the other places, while your there i.e. Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Syria, and Iraq.

The surprising fact is that not many of those who visit the country are aware that since 2005, the country has been integrated with organizations such as the Council of Europe and NATO or North Atlantic Treaty Organization as well as the G-20. Not only is it a well-developed country but similarly to the European nations and the United States, its advanced economic and infrastructural aspects make it one of the most lucrative places to go on holiday.

Some of the Places Both Medical and Everyday Tourists Can Visit While in Turkey

The Imperial Capital of Istanbul

Known as the ‘imperial capital’, Istanbul is a culmination of three empires, namely the Ottoman, Byzantine, and Roman. In between both Asia and Europe, this is the only city that has two continents. The Black Sea, Golden Horn, and Marmara seas run through the heart of the city.

It has been around for more than 1500 years and the natural beauty, diversified culture, and medical facilities are just some of the things that attract visitors in the millions       

The Ancient City of Antalya

This is one of the most magnificent places in the world and some even go as far as to call it a ‘paradise’. The ancient forests offer the cleanest and oxygen-filled air that most medical tourists flock towards after their treatment procedures or surgeries for some downtime and relaxation. The crystal-clear seawater offers a great way to soak yourself in some natural salt water to heal your muscles and wounds while enjoying it.

The paradise of Antalya has everything anyone traveling to Turkey could want. From luxurious resorts to five-star hotels, shopping and entertainment facilities, and archeological sites to keep you busy for days on end. You can even enjoy some skiing up in the mountains and admire the narrow ancient streets with wooden houses.

The Volcanic Region of Cappadocia

Another great place to visit whilst on vacation to Turkey is Cappadocia. As ancient history reveals, millions of years ago three of its mountains namely Güllüdağ, Erciyes, and Hasandağ were active volcano sites. With lava of up to 150metres in thickness, these are now dormant sites and offer what’s left behind as an aesthetically pleasing landscape for people to admire and its ‘fairy chimneys, which is the name given to them years ago.

It has many things to visit such as rock formations, old houses, over 250 underground cities, and multiple churches.

Other regions within the country include:

  • Aydin
  • Izmir
  • Mugla

Language and Traveling

Besides the above reasons to visit the country, it is also good to know that the majority of the healthcare professionals who have studied abroad and returned to the country can speak multiple languages of which English is the most spoken language there. They mostly abide by international guidelines and procedures so this is a fundamental criterion when working in the country, especially in the medical sector.

In terms of traveling to the country, as it is easily accessed by many airlines that fly from Europe, (it is estimated to be almost 300 different ones), it will take only 2 to 3 hours to get there. The closer you are to Istanbul, it will take you only 1 hour, and the farther outward you go it will take a maximum of 3 hours only. 

So, there you have it. Whether you need to get a serious, cosmetic, or quick medical procedure done, this is one of the best places to go to where you will complete both the desires of looking good and feeling good all in one place.

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